Sponsorships & Advertising

Looking to spread the word about your business?

Whatever your target demographic is, chances are they walk through our doors!

  • Currently the Skaneateles Y  reports 4,000+ members
  • The Y offers programs for preschoolers through active older adults.
  • Our reciprocal program with 60+ other local YMCA’s attracts visitors from all over CNY;
  • The Y-Away program opens our facilities to national and international tourists. 
  • The Skaneateles Y is host to community Events, school functions and sporting events, special events ranging from after prom parties to private rentals by local business.
  • The Y  is home to local youth sports organizations which include the Skaneateles Youth Hockey association, Skaneateles Figure Skating Club, our Y Lightning Swim team as well as other youth groups which rent our facilities.

Spread your message through:

See how to Advertise in our twin Ice rinks here.


Digital Advertising Screens

The Skaneateles Y currently uses 3 digital display monitors,centrally located in t our main lobby.
These digital displays operate whenever our facility is open for business,
We are open 7 days a week and over 93 hours each week,this equates to a minimum of 1500 rotations of your add each week.
Advertising on our digital signage is priced at the rate of: $75 per slide per month.
If you are interested in more information please contact Stephanie Bales Marketing director at:315.685.2266 or by email at stephanie@auburnymca.net.

 Hospitality Hour

The Skaneateles Y offers Hospitality Hour  the first Friday of each month, September – June, 9am-11am.

Held in our lobby , this is an opportunity for our members to socialize and enjoy light refreshments provided by the Y or through generous donations from local merchants.

If your business is interested in sponsoring a hospitality hour, please contact Marketing Director, Stephanie Bales at 315.685.2266 for more information. Sponsorship provides an additional way for local merchants to share their products and services with our members. The Skaneateles Y greatly appreciates donations to support this monthly event and will provide advertisement of your sponsorship through signage and via our digital media!