Mary H. Soderberg Aquatic Center

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Welcome to the Mary H. Soderberg Aquatic Center where We have so much to offer; Group swim lessons, leisure swim,water aerobics,lap swimming, clinics camps, aquatic certifications and more! Our multiple bodies of water meet the needs of all swimmers!

Get With the Band.

Water safety is important, we have upgraded our pool safety policies at the Skaneateles Y. Now, every chid
ages 0-17 must wear one of three colored wrist bands while in our pools. These bands give our lifeguards
instant information on each childs swimming ability, helping us keep them safe in the most appropriate
swimming areas. Please CLICK HERE for more information on our swim band policy.

Competition Pool

Our 25 yard,eight lane lap pool is maintained at 81°, ranges from 4ft to 13 feet deep and is complete with a diving board (open for practice during scheduled hours)! This pool is used for Lap swimming, Deep Water Aerobics, clinics, advanced swim lessons as well as Lightning swim team and Skaneateles varsity swim team practices and meets! The pool is open daily for use.

Zero Entry-Leisure Pool

A comfortable 86° and a maximum of 4 1/2 feet depth combined with a zero entry walk in entry makes this pool accessible for children, seniors and individuals who have trouble navigating a deeper entry. Home to swim lessons, water aerobics classes and  Waterworks, a water fun playground which has gadgets, gizmos and geysers that dump and spray water (check schedule for times) ! The pool is open daily for use.

Water Slide and Plunge Pool

Who doesn’t love a water slide! Our Aquatic center is home to a two story twisty slide which enters into a warm 86° plunge pool! Those who wish to use the slide must pass a swim test – a length of the competition pool with your arms up and out of the water! Please see a lifeguard on duty to to arrange your test! The water slide is open during scheduled hours!


Our 10 person  Spa is located on the pool deck behind the twisty slide
and is maintained at a relaxing 101°.
For everyone’s safety, there are age restrictions for spa use.
Children age 7 and younger are not allowed in the spa.
Children Ages 7-14  Must be with a parent to use the spa.
During Waterworks/Spray fountain sessions-Adults 18+ Only please.

Group Visits

We welcome large groups to come and enjoy our aquatics area! Please view the following pdf. for guidelines for your visit: Pool rules for visiting groups.
Please call ahead to ensure adequate staffing!
To book large group visits and inquire about pricing, please call Christine Casazza at 315.685.2266 or