The Skaneateles YMCA Pre-School creates a Safe, Warm, Caring environment, where children learn & lives are enriched through day to day experience with committed and passionate adults, and classroom friends.

The four core values of the YMCA,
Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility are intentionally used as a base for programming
in our Pre-School program.

Thoughtful consideration and planning
By our teaching staff is given to the student’s Stages of Development, Interests and Social, Emotional and Physical Needs with meaningful hands on engaging and exciting experiences.




Sing, Dance, Move & Play!

About: Time To Grow

This program is designed for a parent/care giver and child up to age 2, the child and caregiver will explore stories and activities, songs ,finger plays sensory play and a short family yoga experience. Program design allows the child and parent/care giver to participate and begin the group socialization process.

The Skaneateles YMCA will serve as a beginning step to YMCA program participation for both children and families.

Sue Benjamin , Retired Marcellus Central Kindergarten teacher, Skaneateles YMCA Fitness instructor will share with our families her passion for life. Sue is a lifelong learner always ready to share with others and support others in their journey .Sue’s gentle spirit and kindness will help set the stage for beginning programs for our under 2 children and their parent/caregiver

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Play, Investigate, Explore  so much is new and exciting!

About: Terrific Twos

This program is designed for your 2 year old child to explore their environment, materials and movement. Children will have circle time listen to and participate in stories, songs and finger plays and participate in sensory and dramatic play This program is designed for both the child and parent/care giver to participate and begin the group socialization process. Angel Madson, Skaneateles YMCA Staff member will share with our little learners and their families her excitement for learning and parenting. Angel is the mom of William a Skaneateles YMCA preschool student.  Angel loves watching children grow through their experiences and is excited about her new position at the Skaneateles YMCA. Angel will be joined by other Skaneateles YMCA staff in the classroom. We encourage you to explore our Program Guide found HERE
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Learn to Swim, Learn to Skate, Learn Through Play
and Make New Friends!

About: Three and Four year old Pre-school

The Skaneateles YMCA Early Childhood Education programs seek to develop the whole child through social, emotional and physical growth. At the Skaneateles Y we provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and develop social skills. Daily activities for our three’s and four’s are structured around our “learning through play” philosophy. Children are engaged and challenged throughout the day with Kindergarten areas of focus activities.Teachers implement a developmental learning approach using discovery,choice and problem solving and exploration with fun, values-based activities . Unique to area pre-schools, the Skaneateles YMCA Pre-School offers weekly Learn to Swim and  Learn to Skate lessons for our three’s and four’s. Each of our preschool programs includes art, science, music, fitness, outdoor play, and circle time, in addition to math and reading readiness skills.

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Learn to Swim, Learn to Skate, Music, Art and Language
created especially for Kindergartners!

About: Pre-K  Enrichment

At the Skaneateles YMCA we recognize that young children have a natural ability to absorb knowledge . During our Little Lakers Enrichment program we carefully prepare environment and the experiences so that our children develop an excitement for and a love of learning. Manipulation and exploration of materials through hands on experiences offers the children a chance to discover their world. Daily conversations and the implementation of questions develop a self confidence, encourage listening skills and develop the ability to follow directions. Along the way the child steadily gains confidence and discovers a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Throughout our curriculum projects the children will enrich math and literacy skills, as well as important social/emotional, self-regulation, logical and critical thinking skills.

Physical Enrichment classes are a highlight in the  Skaneateles YMCA Little Lakers Enrichment program .Our physical enrichment include but are not limited to learn to swim lessons in our pools and learn to skate lessons on our rinks and movement activities in our gymnasium .

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For more information about our pre-school programs contact Program Director
Sheila Card at the Skaneateles YMCA 315-685-2266 or email
Fees may be drfated through our automatic payment option.