Preschool Programs



For 3’s & 4’s

The Skaneateles YMCA Pre-School creates a safe , warm caring environment , where children learn and lives are enriched through their day to day experience with committed and passionate adults, and classroom friends.The four core values of the YMCA, Caring, Honesty , Respect and Responsibility are intentionally used as a base for programming, in our Pre-School program.Thoughtful consideration and planning by our teaching staff is given to the student’s stages of development, interests and social, emotional and physical needs with meaningful hands on engaging and exciting experiences.The End Result: Throughout the year at the Skaneateles YMCA Pre-School program, you will see your child’s self-confidence grow, you will see the strengthening of ability to complete tasks  independently, the ability and understand follow and directions, the level of two way communication grow.

In just a few words your child will flourish in their experience in the Skaneateles YMCA Pre-School program.

Listed below are areas in which curriculum development occurs for all levels of our Pre-School programs:
Social skills
Motor skills-Fine and Gross Motor
Reasoning & concept development
Language skills
Reading skills
Writing skills
Mathematics concepts
Creative arts & music
Social studies

At any time throughout the year , please feel free to discuss your child’s progress with his/her teacher.
We would ask that you set a time convenient for both you , so that you each can focus on the topic at hand. On the fly conversations most often do not produce the optimal  and useful conversations.

For more information about our pre-school programs contact Program Director
Sheila Card at the Skaneateles YMCA 315-685-2266 or email
Fees may be drfated through our automatic payment option.


1_5896822_photo201006_0053_01_thumbnailTERRIFIC TWOS   
For 2 year olds

Terrific Twos is a nine month early learning program that is offered mid-September through mid-June.
The class focuses on age appropriate skills, large motor development, songs, games,crafts, fun,fitness and kindergarten readiness!
Our dynamic, caring teachers bring their passion for working with young child to our program, which encourages growth and development of each child.